What's in Season?


Kentish Apples

Now's the time of year for English apples. We've a great selection of Kentish grown apple varieties available in store right now. We love the Egremont Russet with its distinctive gold colouring...a truly fabulous traditional English apple

Autumn Squashes

The squash season is now in full swing and we've a fantastic selection to offer you. Our squashes are all English grown and most are organic. With such an array of shape and colour they make for a great autumnal display

Rainbow Chard

At this time of year few leafy vegetables can compare with the magnificently coloured eye catching rainbow chard. Although unrelated chard is similar to spinach but with a stronger flavour. Here's a basic cooking guide. Seems pretty easy...go on, give it a go. Leaves: boil (1-2 minutes); steam (3-4 minutes). Stems: stir-fry (around 2 minutes); boil (3-4 minutes); steam (4-5 minutes); roast (10 minutes).

Brussel Sprouts

Often associated with Christmas dinner, Brussel Sprouts are a versatile winter vegetable. They have a distinctive flavour which can be unpleasant if they are overcooked. Choose small, green sprouts for the best flavour and firm compact ones for a good texture.

Acorn Squash

A small, round, heavily ridged winter squash, which usually has a dark shiny green skin. Acorn squash flesh is a distinctive bright orange colour and it has a deliciously rich, sweet chestnut flavour.

Curly Kale

Locally grown Kale is now abundant until around March of next Spring. For now we only have green kale but the red type will soon follow. Check out this handy website for recipe ideas and more kale facts. www.discoverkale.co.uk

Romanesco Cauliflower

Romanesco...wow what a great addition this makes to the menu. This time of year it's locally grown and freely available which means superb freshness, flavour and value. If you've never tried it before now's the time.. It's more tender than a standard cauliflower and has a flavour that's a cross between a cauliflower and broccoli.

Piccolo cherry tomatoes

These locally grown Piccolo cherry tomatoes from Thanet Earth have superb flavour and will be available right through the summer

Conference Pears

Kentish grown Conference pears are available and in store now

Pickling Onions

Now's the time of year to get pickling... We've the onions the vinegar and the spices.

Kent Cauliflower

Locally grown Kent cauliflower are superb this time of year

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In Season Now

Eating seasonal fruit & vegetables is about eating the right things at the right time.

Each fruit & vegetable has a prime time when its at its seasonal best giving you prime flavour, freshness & value ...

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Last Saturday I got ALL my veggies, salad and fruit here for the whole week ahead, enough to feed 3 adults and 3 guineapigs!! All the items I bought were fresh, as if they'd been picked or dug up that day. It is now Thursday and what is still left is still fresh...fantastic quality and price. This green grocers has been there for as long as I can remember and is known by my family as 'The Long Shop'! I will be going out of my way to give this shop my custom from now on...
Elizabeth Davidson - Herne Bay

The shop is so inviting. The fruit and veg displays look great and everything is always so fresh
Sam - Whitstable

Peters Produce greengrocer in Herne Bay, Kent

Peters Produce,
42 William Street,
Herne Bay,
Kent CT6 5NU

01227 741 548