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A member of the squash family, the marrow is a distinctive looking vegetable. Its edible shiny skin can be any shade of green and its flesh is tender with a subtle flavour.

Kentish Apples

Now's the time of year for English apples. We've a great selection of Kentish grown apple varieties available in store right now. We love the Egremont Russet with its distinctive gold colouring...a truly fabulous traditional English apple

Corn on the Cob

Kernels of sweetcorn grow on cobs about 18 cm long and are surrounded by soft pale green leaves known as husks. With its distinctive bright yellow colour and sweet flavour, sweetcorn or corn-on-the-cob, can be served whole or the kernels can be removed.

Fresh Turkish figs

Fresh Turkish figs are available from late August to October. Ripe figs can be eaten whole including the skin. The soft pink flesh inside is full of tiny edible seeds. Choose fruits that feel plump and are slightly soft to touch.


Locally grown Kentish raspberries are still superb at this time of year and should carry on into October

Piccolo cherry tomatoes

These locally grown Piccolo cherry tomatoes from Thanet Earth have superb flavour and will be available right through the summer

Kent Strawberries

Our locally grown Kent Strawberries are harvested and are on sale by 9.30am each morning. Now that's fresh!

Spanish Peach and Nectarines

From May onwards Spanish peaches and nectarines are available. We don't do punnets of inferior fruit, only best quality sold singularly


Great locally grown Kent runnerbeans are in high season right now

Cob Nuts

Kentish cob nuts are in season for a few short weeks from the end of August

Conference Pears

Kentish grown Conference pears are available and in store now

Pickling Onions

Now's the time of year to get pickling... We've the onions the vinegar and the spices.

Kent Cauliflower

Locally grown Kent cauliflower are superb this time of year

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In Season Now

Eating seasonal fruit & vegetables is about eating the right things at the right time.

Each fruit & vegetable has a prime time when its at its seasonal best giving you prime flavour, freshness & value ...

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Last Saturday I got ALL my veggies, salad and fruit here for the whole week ahead, enough to feed 3 adults and 3 guineapigs!! All the items I bought were fresh, as if they'd been picked or dug up that day. It is now Thursday and what is still left is still fresh...fantastic quality and price. This green grocers has been there for as long as I can remember and is known by my family as 'The Long Shop'! I will be going out of my way to give this shop my custom from now on...
Elizabeth Davidson - Herne Bay

The shop is so inviting. The fruit and veg displays look great and everything is always so fresh
Sam - Whitstable

Peters Produce greengrocer in Herne Bay, Kent

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